Torah Scrolls

Shaarei Zedeck has three Torah scrolls. The smallest of the three is the oldest. It was part of the dowry Morris Gould received at the time of his marriage.

It is not known how old this Torah was when he received it, but it came to the United States with Morris Gould in 1903. Since it belonged to his father-in-law before it was presented to Morris Gould, it is probably at least 100 years old. This was the scroll the first Clinton Jews read from. The family presented it to the congregation at the dedication of the synagogue in 1929. This Torah scroll was refurbished in the mid 1970’s.

The congregation also purchased a second Torah scroll in 1929 for the dedication of the shul. The Young Men and Women Hebrew Association purchased a third Torah and presented it to the congregation in the mid 1930’s.

The Shaarei Zedeck community also tells the story of a fourth Torah scroll, rescued in 1942 from a burned building in Hudson where the Hudson community conducted services. It was offered to the Clinton synagogue, where it was used for about 30 years, and then given to the Jewish community of Acton, where it now resides.